Hi Everyone !


Well at the time of this update (5 April), I am almost 9 weeks old.  I am getting used to my new world.  I have started being able to recognize my Mama and Daddy and Brother (Glenn).  I also respond with smiles and coos to my Grandparents and my extended Grandparents (Bill and Liz Crum). 

I am a morning baby.  Seems like every time I wake up from a good nap, I am happy.  I respond with lots of precious smiles and sweet noises.  I am sleeping well.  I sleep in 4 to 6 hour stretches most nights.  I generally go straight back to sleep after I eat and get a clean diaper at night.  Boy am I going through the diapers (I am wearing the size 2 – 12 to 16 pounds).  I am not particular about the brand.  At this point my skin seems to be sensitive to the insulation and sheetrock dust that I get on me from Mama and Daddy working on the house addition more than anything else.  When I was born, my skin was very dry.  The Doctor said it was because I was so late.  I could not take many baths then, but I am enjoying it now.  I have lots of fun in the tub.  Maybe because I get a lot of face-to-face time with Mama. 

I love lying on the changing table (even though the heating pad got turned off once the weather started getting warmer).  Again, it is probably the face-to-face entertainment I get while I am there.  I am definitely a “people person”.  I do, however, tend to wake up and just lay in my crib and look around for a while before I demand attention. 

There is quite a bit for my new little eyes to learn to focus on and each day seems to be a new day.  I am enjoying the swing that I was given by the folks Mama works with, but get bored with it when I get left alone in it too long – otherwise I will stay in it most of the day with Mama, Daddy, or Glenn talking and playing with me.  I also enjoy the play mat that my cousin Ashley gave me (one of many things that have been passed along from Zoe and the twins).  I am starting to look for new toys and enjoy the bright clowns on the mobile over my crib. 

I also like the bright colors in my room – they are primary colors and feature, hanging on the walls, two quilts made by my Great-grandmothers.  Glenn had them on his walls too.  I like to spend some days at Granny’s and have spent a few nights with Mama and Brother at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  I like these new places – they are much brighter that our house right now.  Our house is kind of closed in because we are still trying to get the addition complete.  I have stayed with Ma-Crum a couple of times and seem to be very content there too.  I seem happiest when I am on something kind of soft and propped up to look or laying down exercise.

  Overall I am typically happy and good natured.  I eat well (Mama is nursing me and Daddy gives me bottles during the day).  I seem to be spitting up less and less each day, so my system must be getting used to this outside world.  My Mama and Daddy try to comfort me immediately when I start to cry because I don’t seem too bad unless they let me get into a full-blown fit.  When I get to that point, I am hard to comfort.  I don’t take a pacifier very well – would rather have my hand or my Mama.  I don’t need much to get me through the day other than lots of attention.  I am so alert and curious.

  I am registered at www.Babiesrus.com and www.walmart.com (specifically http://www.walmart.com/cservice/ca_giftregistry_detail.gsp?registry_id=26770604953) under Mama’s name (Wendy Cruit).